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Ever looked at someone’s bio and thought – ‘Wow! That’s a diverse range of careers!’ Well, now you can harness the power of that diversity, because Talk Ink. really is a world of experience rolled into one. First and foremost, we are creatives who share the fundamental belief that a brand is not a logo. But we’re more than just what it says on our business cards. We’re also small business owners, performers, artists and writers. In short – we are our own target clients. Which means we know what you need and how to make your brand work for you.

Peta Caswell

I love creating bold visuals that reflect the personality of the people they represent. I am what is often described as a Creative ‘Slashy’. That is, I’m a graphic designer / photographer / voice artist / musician. This gives me unique perspective when building a brand. When I’m not working on the visual stuff, you can find me at the park with the poodle or playing music with my amazing band, check us out!

Emily Saint-Smith

I love discovering the passion behind a business and translating that into words on the page, screen, whatever! My specialities include content and copy writing, brand strategy and social media. I’m a self-confessed word nerd, with a love of live music, good books and the theatre. My fur baby, Humphrey, conducts a final proof of all my work to ensure it is up to his terribly high standards.


I bring the fun to Talk Ink. Whenever the team is getting frustrated with a concept, I push my cute, fluffy nose under their elbows and insist we play instead.


Emmylou is my name and my focus is on the wellbeing of the staff here at Talk Ink. Breaks are important, so I will sit on the laptop to make sure they’re taken.


I am the quality control at Talk Ink. I make sure every word and image that goes out the door is of the highest standard. I also quality check the treats. Often.

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