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General FAQs

What is a wholistic brand?

A wholistic brand is one which cuts across all facets of a brand identity. Branding isn’t just colours and font styles, and it certainly isn’t just a business name and a logo. It’s a representation of the personality and values behind a person or business. It’s conveyed through visuals and your vocal tone, what you look like in person and how you communicate digitally, why you do what you do and why your customers should care. Having a fully realised, wholistic brand means that no matter how your audience chooses to engage with you, they are receiving the same, consistent (and carefully crafted) message.

Is it ‘wholistic’ or ‘holistic’?

Great question! We talked long and hard about how to describe what we do and wholistic was definitely the best word. But how to spell it?! In our research we found that while ‘holistic’ is used most frequently, ‘wholistic’ is increasingly acceptable when referring to approaching the whole of something. Yup, one of us is definitely a word nerd!

Do we need to be in Sydney to work with you?

Definitely not! While we love our hometown, we are not Sydney-ist. We can work with you no matter where you are based. We still take our personalised approach to building your brand and marketing, but instead of meeting in person, we’ll chat to you via video call, and use email and messenger to keep you up to date along the way.


Do I have to follow your four-stage branding process, or can I just skip straight to the bit I want?

We have developed our four-stage branding process based on our collective experience. We believe it delivers the best outcomes for our clients – it’s actually something we’re quite proud of. If you’d prefer not to benefit from the business insights and high-quality results our process delivers, we recommend you seek the services of another design studio.

I’m not a musician but I am in the creative arts – can you help me?

Of course! The power of a wholistic brand is something that everyone can benefit from, no matter what their chosen artform. Drop us a line and tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll come back to you with a recommended approach and quote.

How many revisions can I make?

Our branding process is a collaborative one, which means we need to bring you in periodically through the build to show you concepts and content and get your approval to continue moving in a particular direction. We build these review/revision steps into our process and fees, but sometimes more revisions are required in order to achieve an outcome you’re 100% happy with. If this occurs, we will discuss the additional charges that will be required for each round of revision and the adjusted timeline for delivery.

What happens if I want to change direction after you’ve started?

We work very hard at the beginning of every client relationship to build a clear picture of your brand and marketing needs. This is typically done through a briefing workshop. Before we start work, we provide all our clients with a ‘reverse brief’, which gives you a chance to check that we’ve understood what you’re asking for and to raise any queries or concerns. We also make a point of checking in with all our clients throughout the process, to ensure we remain on track with their needs and expectations.

Of course, we do understand that things change and that there may be a very good reason why a concept or strategy that was right at the start of the build process now needs to be reworked. If this happens, it will be necessary to add more hours onto our original estimate in order to achieve your revised brief. Before we start work again, we will discuss the additional charges that will be required for each round of revision and the adjusted timeline for delivery to ensure your expectations are met.


Can I just get a logo?

Um, no. We don’t believe in designing logos in isolation. It’s kind of like making a pizza without a base – your ingredients might be tasty, but they have no foundation to stick to. In our case, we look at the whole picture and develop a strategic plan which delivers your message to your target audience. So, you might get a logo, but you may also get a website and album art. Or, a logo and a set of Brand Guidelines for your business. Essentially, we’re giving you more brand bang for your buck!

I’ve seen a logo/website/etc. that I really like – will you copy it for me?

While we are certainly interested in looking at examples of other design or copy that you like, because it helps us to understand you and your brand better, we will only ever use these as a reference point from which to create your own unique brand and marketing elements. Every piece of work delivered by Talk Ink. is tailormade for the individual client.

I want to use my own content for my website – do I have to use your copy?

No, but in our experience websites perform better when both the design and copy elements are created together. If you wish to supply your own content we can accommodate this and may be able to offer you a discount on the quoted rate, subject to editing.

If you want to write your own content make sure you follow the tone of voice and writing style guidelines that are supplied as part of your Brand Strategy – that’s what they’re there for.

You will be given access to edit your website once the initial design is implemented, so if you need to update your content, post a blog or add further information over time you will be able to do so.

Will I be able to update content on my website?

Yes. You will be given access to edit your website once the initial design is implemented, so if you need to update your content, post a blog or add further information over time you will be able to do so.

Can you arrange printing for me?

Sure. If you want your item printed, we will provide you with quotes from our favourite production houses. We’ve handpicked a collection of suppliers who deliver products and finishes of the highest quality to ensure your brand looks its best. We’ll add any printing costs onto your invoice and will liaise with the production house(s) on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Why do you require a deposit?

There’s a lot that goes into our work and we want to make sure your project gets the attention it deserves. By paying a deposit, you secure your spot in our schedule and we can then provide you with an accurate estimate as to when your work will be completed.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by bank transfer or credit card, however, please be aware that credit card payments will incur a 2.2% surcharge (as charged by our vendor). Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal, AfterPay or ZipPay.

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