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Weaverbird Stories

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We started at the very beginning with this start-up, coming up with a name that captured the essence of this innovative, family-focused business. Deciding what to call your business can be tricky, especially when it’s difficult to articulate exactly what you do. We workshopped a number of concepts with the business owner, eventually settling on Weaverbirds, after the African finch of the same name. The weaver bird builds communities of intricate nests, borrowing items from its surroundings and knitting them together into something beautiful. It was the perfect fit for a business that is centred on families and storytelling, weaving personalised elements together with technology and psychology. The brand followed from there, utilising the bird with its bright yellow plumage as inspiration for the colour scheme and graphic elements.

The wordmark utilises a combination of bold and narrow typefaces, to draw focus to the primary word – weaverbird. The ‘w’ of the font has been softened, making it look more like a bird with its wings spread. This also gives the wordmark a more playful feel.

The ‘w’ in the icon was taken directly from the wordmark, so it is immediately recognisable. The ‘w’ has been encircled by a teardrop, which resembles the shape of the weaverbird’s nest. Together, it is reminiscent of a bird in a nest, speaking subtly to the concept of home and family.

The illustrations are a graphic element that bring the concept of the birds to life. They are intended as a secondary brand element which can be used to illustrate ideas, as iconography, or to add interest to marketing materials. The style is a cross between simple and childlike, but not so simple as to alienate the adults who are our core brand audience.

We chose a very friendly, approachable language style for the Weaverbirds, understanding that while the books themselves are aimed at children, the website and related instructional information needed to speak to the adults purchasing the products. Psychology terminology is incorporated to demonstrate the expertise behind the product.

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