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Looch Lewis

cover art / photography / print

When you listen to Looch Lewis’ Apathy and Empathy, it’s kind of hard to believe he hasn’t released a solo EP sooner! There’s a weathered quality to Looch’s voice, which is reminiscent of the great Aussie pub bands of the 80s. Combine it with a slide guitar, fiddle and the occasional heavy electric guitar riff and you have a deeply intriguing first release. And we’re super chuffed that he came to Talk Ink for the launch creative.

Like all the work we do with musicians, we started by letting the music itself point us in a particular direction. The phrase we kept coming back to was ‘dark folk’, which Emily described as something like fog twisting its way around tall ghost gums, and dark, gritty urban streets in the early hours of the morning. Peta applied this idea to a series of photographs of Looch, giving them a grainy, monotone look. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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