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JD & The Hungermen

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JD & The Hungermen is the latest project for front-man Jeremy Davidson, previously the singer for Aussie Blues-rock band The Snowdroppers. This five-piece rock outfit describe themselves as a combination of “the raw, rugged croon of Chris Isaak and the dark side of Elvis with the eerie, atmospheric tones of the Bad Seeds and the crunch and swagger of The Cult, dropped in the middle of a Spaghetti Western soundtrack.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! JD & The Hungerman engaged Talk Ink for help launching their first single and EP, as well as promotional photos and some advice on how to generate #content.

Sometimes ideas just leap serendipitously towards you, which was definitely the case for the artwork for JD & The Hungermen’s first two singles from their debut, self-titled EP. Jeremy had seen a block print created by Dominic Proust and the dark, gritty style spoke to him (we’d tell you what it said but it’s not appropriate for this timeslot). JD commissioned a new piece for the EP launch and when Peta saw the artwork she knew exactly what to do. The single was literally one piece of the puzzle that would go on to become the EP, hence a slide-puzzle design utilising the original art.

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