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Who do you want to talk to and what do you want to tell them? This is the essence of your brand. We’ve developed a four-stage process that will not only uncover the answers to these and many more questions, it will also result in the creation of a stand-out, cohesive brand that resonates with your customers and showcases your unique story.

Stage 1 – Brand Briefing

Your brand is so much more than your logo. Every time you engage with your customers is a chance to share your values, your passions, your story. Which is why you need to have a cohesive brand that carries across everything from your Instagram posts to your business cards.

Building this kind of wholistic brand starts with unpacking the who, what, where, when and why of the business. Where other agencies ask you to tell them the colours and fonts you like, we go deeper.

We begin all our client relationships with an in-depth Brand Briefing workshop. We take you through a series of questions to get a clear picture of what made you start your business and what drives you day-to-day. Then, we’ll get really focused on what’s important: who your customers are and the experience you want them to have. It’s a great opportunity for you to think about where you want your business to go and how you want to get there.

This workshop is also a chance for you to determine if we’re the ones for the job. We’ll share our work philosophy with you and step you through the Talk Ink. branding process, so you can make an informed decision about your next steps. Not every business is ready for the Talk Ink. treatment, so this workshop is also an opportunity for us to assess whether we’re the right fit for your needs.


Stage 2 – Brand Strategy

Why should you care about being strategic when it comes to brand? Think of it this way: if you were invited to attend a black-tie event, would you rock up wearing a t-shirt and thongs? And even if you did, would you attract the right kind of attention?

We want you to stand out for all the right reasons. Taking what we have learnt from the briefing workshop, we investigate what your competitors are doing, the trends you need to know about and where your ideal customers sit within the market. We use this to create a strategic plan for your brand. It tells us, and you, how you can differentiate yourself, what will appeal to your customers and, similarly, what won’t.

The Brand Strategy is your blueprint for brand success. It’s the calculations that sit behind our recommendations for how to move your brand forward. In many ways, it’s the most important step in our branding process.

brand strategy / marketing recommendations

Stage 3 – Brand Guidelines

Having a set of brand colours and fonts is one thing, but what about your brand values? How do you ensure the personality of your business comes through in every customer interaction? This is where your Brand Guidelines come in.

We create a detailed record of all the elements of your brand, from the visual elements to the tone of voice you should use. This is the instruction manual, the handbook, the survival guide. Afterall, why do all this work getting your brand right if you don’t have the tools to implement it?

Our Brand Guidelines include everything from your logo design through to copywriting guidance. It’s the ultimate wholistic brand guide, that ensures no matter how you want to communicate with your clients you can do so on point.

Plus, because we’ve taken the time to really get to know you and your target customers, you can be confident your brand is built on more than just pretty pictures and a few keywords.

logo / colour scheme / fonts / imagery and icons / writing style / tone of voice

Stage 4 - Implementation

The final stage of the Talk Ink. branding process is also the most fun, because it’s where the brand really comes to life. Based on our recommendations and the direction you want to move in, we’ll apply your brand across any medium you choose, from websites to merchandise to dog billboards (yes, that’s a thing)!

Consistency is the key here. We cannot stress how important it is that your customer receives the same brand experience, no matter how they engage with you. It’s what makes your business instantly recognisable, it builds trust and it is what turns customers into loyal fans.

When we build your marketing materials, we do more than just make sure they look and sound the part – we ensure that all your activities deliver on your brand promise. We’ll also update or expand your Brand Guidelines to ensure any additional brand elements we develop are captured.

website / social media / print / email / merchandise / signage / packaging / photography / content
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