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Talk Ink. – An Origin Story

The Talk Ink partnership started the way all good friendships do – at the dog park! While our pups chased a tennis ball, and their own tails, Peta and I got talking about the frustrations we both experienced working as freelance creatives. First and foremost on our list was the fact that so many potential clients undervalue brand and the need for high quality, professional marketing.

“A logo is not a brand!” Peta exclaimed, perfectly summing up the issue.

And just like that we had ourselves a catch-phrase.

It seemed only logical that we combine our talents and try to take over the world, one bad branding decision at a time. Well, not quite, but we both saw the benefit of being able to offer clients a full-circle approach to their brand and marketing needs. We began tossing around ideas (and the ball again, which Molly had helpfully dropped at our feet) and realised our individual skills were not only wide ranging, they were also complimentary. And so, Talk Ink was born.

Together, we help individuals hone in on what makes them unique and then create a kickass brand that helps them stand out from the crowd. In other words, we create superhero identities. We’re kind of like the X-Men’s Professor X, only without the school, the wheelchair, the mindreading abilities… okay, we’re nothing like Professor X. But we love what we do and that’s making people and brands super.

Being the ‘talk’ half of Talk Ink, I’ll be doing the majority of writing on this blog. But don’t worry, it won’t be all word nerd stuff – I will make sure we get plenty of input from the visual side of the team!

If you want to keep up with our activities, or just love posts of cute animals, you can follow Talk Ink on Facebook and Instagram. Or if you’ve got a project for us, drop us a line here (and don’t forget to include your cape size).

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